What is the difference between the T30 and T50?

The below table lists the differences.  The machine dimensions are the same, 16.5’ L x 6.8’ W x 6.5’ H.

T30 T50
Kubota gasoline 44hp
Hatz diesel 49.5hp
Hydraulic Power
3,042 lbs
3,240 lbs
Lifting Capacity
771 lbs
881 lbs

Do you stock parts?

Yes, we keep the most common wear and tear parts in stock.

Where is the Truxor made?

The Truxor is made in Sweden.

Why should I choose the Truxor Harvester over others?

The Truxor can do more than other harvesters with its higher lift capacity, its ability to get in the shallows or deep water, it is a better quality, more durable, allows customization, and has better support.

Why should I choose FloridAquatic Lake Management for my Truxor purchase?

Since we purchased our first Truxor in 2011, we were hooked and became a dealer in the USA. Our sales team strives to always be there for you throughout the purchase process and we will still be there after your purchase.  We answer our phones or return your call quickly.  We are not only a dealer but have Truxors that we use daily.  This has given us hands-on experience and knowledge to give the best support you could receive.  Our sales team will recommend the attachment you need for your goals and not attachments that will waste your money or time.