Truxor Harvester Service

Services and Parts

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If you take care of your Truxor machine, it will last you many years.  Personally here at FloridAquatic Lake Management, we had a Truxor machine in service with over 5,000 hours and it was still in excellent condition.

We stock all the common wear and tear parts and they are available to order by contacting our service department.

Additionally, we post videos online to help you learn more about how to maintain and repair your Truxor so that it can remain in service for you as a powerful and long term asset in your lake or pond maintenance.


Truxor Attachments

Truxor Harvester machines are equipped with a range of attachments to cater to different tasks.

The most common attachment is the cutting head, which efficiently chops and removes aquatic plants like water lilies, reeds, and algae. Additionally, the machines can be fitted with a rake, crane, or excavator attachments, expanding their versatility for various environmental projects.